I do some woodworking as a hobby. Here's some stuff I've made!

To the right is the latest stuff from my Insta. It might not all be woodworking, but most of it is.

Below are some beauty shots.

I finally built a cabinet to be the base for my Kreg ACS, aka my track saw station. The ACS comes with kind of a rolling cart on steel legs, but you have to collapse it down in order to roll it on its wheels, which makes it an absolute pain to reposition in a shop.

So in order to make it much easier to roll around, and to gain a lot of storage space, I built a small rolling cabinet to replace those steel legs. It feels so good to suddenly gain a lot of storage space and get stuff off the floor.

Future plans: shelves and doors, of course, and I also want to add a little shelf sticking off the right side of the cabinet to place my saw in between cuts.
A little holder for a salt cellar that I made for @pocketmole's birthday.

The hole for the salt pot was made by first using a 3" hole saw in a piece of plywood to make a template, and then routed into the work piece with a flush trim bit.

Wood is cherry, finished with Rubio Monocoat. First time using it and I am definitely going to use it again.

Just made my first shooting board. It's a simple bench hook with a square fence that allows me to clean up the ends of boards to get a perfectly flat and square end.

Workbench done! Even added some casters. It's pretty rough, but that's the point. This is supposed to be quick and dirty to make my shop more functional, and I have bigger plans down the road for a custom MFT-style bench.

I'll probably shellac the top later tonight so it's easier to clean up glue spills.

#woodshop #woodworking #workbench
Tomorrow I'm finishing this workbench and then putting up some french cleats on the walls to help organize this disaster of a workshop.

#woodworking #woodshop #workbench
The shop is now much better organized. It's crazy how much better it feels to get power cords and hoses off the floor.

#woodshop #onecargarage
Ready to organize my new garage to turn it into a wood shop. First up is a simple workbench. 

#woodworking #woodshop #workbench