Trac, Imagination

[update: I've moved the Imagination web site to The post has been updated to reflect this change.]

Trac is pretty awesome. It's an integrated wiki, bug tracker, and SVN interface. I just set one up for Imagination: Check out the Timeline view. Doesn't that just make you all happy inside?

Unfortunately it doesn't work with remote SVN repositories. so I'm running it on the pretty badly-performing Wolfwood. I plan on setting I've set up a hotcopy+rsync of the repository to another machine, though, since it's not terribly critical that Trac have up-to-date data, and Imagination is relatively slow moving. Also unfortunately, it depends on Apache or similar for authentication; I had to hack up a horrible little piece of code for twisted web that gives authentication info to the CGI. If anybody's interested in it, send me a holler.

Speaking of Imagination! It has had a *lot* of activity recently! If you're interested in crazy virtual world simulation stuff (suitable for Interactive Fiction, MUDs, and more advanced things, eventually) check out the web page or stop by #imagination on :-)