is gigantic

Especially the "Item" and "Pool" classes. I decided to try code folding in Emacs again.

I've tried code folding in Emacs before, and it sucked. The package I used forced you to put special tags around areas you wanted to fold, like # {{{ and # }}}.

I figured, "surely someone managed to hack up Python code folding with the Outline package" (Which I only recently found out the awesomeness of, especially with long prose). %google outline mode python folding and arrive at: Gary Bishop's Software Page. Scroll down a bit (or search for "outline") and you'll come across his snippet of elisp that enables outline-minor-mode with appropriate hooks to make it work for Python code. You'll want to hack his configuration up because he uses some customizations that I certainly didn't want.

It's quirky, but works quite well.