On sprinting and computery


Well, the AU Twisted Sprint was fun. I worked on documentation most of the time, and there was some good work on Twisted VFS (it was moved into the main Twisted repository) and Nufox. Unfortunately I didn't get to see much of Sydney, except for watching Luna Park go wizzing past as I was training above it. Oh well, some other time.

For the small subset of Twisted dudes who went to IPC 10, you'll understand this one. If you're not a member of this distinguished group, well, try to enjoy the contrived absurdity.

The above note was posted outside of the sprint room at the UTS building we were in.

Mary (whose site I find difficult to navigate) wants to instigate a "Virtual Sprint" of sorts, to bring together the various Twisted communities around the world in a weekend-long VoIP-enabled hacking session. I think this is a great idea, and will try to help organize. Hey Divmod, wouldn't it be neat to provide some free VoIP conference rooms for the weekend?


As Jonathan has recently done, I have installed Ubuntu linux on my powerbook, so I can hack on some work software that won't run on OSX. In addition to Jono's list of scary things, I'll note that installation freaked me out when it told me I needed a magical Apple boot partition for Yaboot to work. The Internet told me that it should be the first partition on the disk, which means I would've had to totally repartition my disk again, but it seems to work fine even if it's in the middle of the disk.

Oh right, and Parted worked fine resizing my HFS+ filesystem, despite the copious warnings it gave me when trying to do so.