muse ick

I had US$65 or so lying around in a US debit card and decided to spend it all on music from the Apple Music Store. Here's what I got.

1. Jamie Cullum is my new Teen Idol. I got Twentysomething, which has a song, Twentysomething, which is the best "twentysomething"-type song I've ever heard. I guess that's kind of self-fulfilling, there.

2. Black Mages II, the second mostly-hard-kinda-symphonic-rock (what the hell is that stuff called?) arranged soundtrack music from various Final Fantasy games, is at least as good as the first. It also has _vocals_, and they're in _English_, which threw me off for a bit.

3. Shpongle (Are you Shpongled?) was recommended by Andy Gayton. That was weird, and cool, with a couple *really* good ones. There was one song that sounded like it was made up mostly of the sound of a coke addict trying to clear his sinuses of bloody, cocaine-laced mucous.

4. Milt Jackson is (was) probably Jazz's greatest vibraphonist, or at least very close. I got "At the Kosei Nenkin".

5. Eels - Oh What a Beautiful Morning. I haven't listened to this one yet. I haven't heard any Eels albums since Beautiful Freak, which I fell in love with, and only a few random songs between then and now. It appears they have put out about 7 albums behind my back.