Multi-Metaverse with distributed revision control

I'm thinking that carrying around a digital audio recorder will be necessary when I go out with Jean-Paul or Glyph. A podcast would be way easier than a blog. So, Divmod Imaginary.

This is what Imaginary will be in N years: a Guy runs an Imaginary server. He makes an agreement with another Guy running a different Imaginary server to put a portal between their worlds. They want to allow players to take their horses with them between the worlds, but they disagree about the appropriate power of weaponry in their worlds, so while they allow players to carry Swords between the realms they don't allow them to use them to their usual effect.

This should be supported by the infrastructure: code will be transferred to the host that needs it when necessary, and that code will be run with capabilities configured by the contract between the two Guys. Restricted execution is facilitated either but a custom runtime or via a restricted PyPy-based interpreter.

We'll be storing the code in the database, of course, and using bzrlib so it's not just a glob of unversioned crap. So, when Guy B modifies the Horse class so that it supports the new action "pet" and Guy A modifies the Horse class so that it supports various lengths of hair, either guy can "merge Horse from Guy B" or "merge Horse from Guy A" to get the others' changes without overwriting their own.

Is that it? Anyway, please start working with us on Imaginary.