Glulxe packages for Ubuntu

So I got all the IFComp 2008 games, unzipped them, and tried to play them. Then I found out I didn't have any decent interpreters for the games and couldn't find Ubuntu 64-bit binaries for them on the net. So I decided to start making packages.

Glulxe (using the glktermw backend) is now packaged and available in a Launchpad Personal Package Archive that I just set up. You can get it by adding the following software source to your Ubuntu machine:

deb hardy main

And installing the 'glulxe-term' package.

edit: Thanks to Peer Schaefer for the original packages, on which my packages are based. Sorry I forgot to mention in the initial post!

I hope to offer 'glulxe-gtk' package soon; ideally, I'll replace both of them with a 'glulxe' package that can dynamically use any Glk backend by making use of GlkLoader, but that'll probably require some real coding.

I'm also working on packages for Gnome Inform 7, but unfortunately they contain proprietary code so I can't publish them on the PPA. I'm hoping to be able to split that package so that I can create a 'gnome-inform7' package separate from an 'inform7' package, but that's iffy because it would make installing from .debs without a repository significantly more annoying - right now you just click the .deb link on the Inform 7 web site and then click "Install package".

Anyway, look out for more Ubuntu/IF work soon.