"A blessing is a curse"

That's poetic, right? So, there are two indisputable facts I have learned today.

  1. The OS X bless command's only function is to make a volume *unbootable*. This is a documentation bug, I believe: the man page shouldn't say anything about specifying boot files and such like.
  2. Either my keyboard (A 3-year-old "Compaq"-branded USB keyboard) or this Mac Mini device has what appear to be race-conditions or just plain flakiness when it comes to boot modifier keystrokes. I did manage to have "C" boot from a CD today, and "alt" once even gave me the volume-picker menu. But these were isolated cases, in dozens of attempts.
I think, while #2 is certainly very annoying, #1 is the more fundamental problem, here. I pretty much need to successfully bless something in order to install Linux on this thing, unless either the beautiful people at mactel-linux.org or my coworkers create a bootable install CD.

Apple's recent announcement of Boot Camp (and specifically the newly-released technologies which enable it) was a glimmer of hope, but not as much to me as to others, as I have already spent countless (5) nights having my hopes crushed by this tiny, tiny machine. In fact, after installing the Firmware update from Apple, my computer did do an interesting thing: Startup Disk now lets me select the stock Dapper installation CD, and I can successfully boot it! Very interesting. The video is almost complete corrupt, though, and after about 5 seconds of spewing bootup output, the screen goes black. Now, I appear to have gotten the thing into a Legacy Mode (BIOS) which it refuses to come out of, no matter what keystroke coaxing I attempt.