I need to get this off of my chest all at once: Only Yesterday is a beautiful movie, Ghibli is a fantastic studio, and Takahata is a genius at character development. Do you see those italics? I mean them.

Unfortunately, this movie is unavailable anywhere in the US or other English-speaking countries, as far as I can tell, so the only way to legally acquire it is by importing from Japan at extortionate rates (don't worry, the Japanese DVDs have English subtitles). Rather than doing that, I downloaded it from Boxtorrents. But now, now I want to give Studio Ghibli all of my money. -- no, not Studio Ghibli, but instead, I'll give it to Japanese Scientists who will put all of their effort into designing a device that will keep Hayao Miyazaki and Isao Takahata alive forever, as slaves of their passionate fans.

I just can't believe how excellent a studio that is. Hayao Miyazaki is clearly one of the best creators of fantasy ever, and Takahata can give you a character that you have such a passionate connection with. Every millimeter twitch of the eyebrow or lip controls me like a puppet, and every tiny ordeal that the characters go through makes me so sad, like a sad puppy.

Anyway, I think I talked about this stuff before. Basically, Studio Ghibli is the best thing on the planet. Everyone should watch all of their movies.