Glyph inventoried -- ahem -- invented a new meme. It's called the Inventory Meme. Jean-Paul responded with a rather pathetic submission.

Now it's time for the real deal, yo.

Inventory, by Christopher Armstrong

I have to get ready for a flight to London, which is taking off in, oh, two hours. Fortunately most of the packing was done last night.

You can play it online with Parchment or download the z5 file if you have an Interactive Fiction interpreter. Please type HELP when the game starts. I've also made the source code available.

This "game" was written in Inform 7. Thanks to Glyph for inspiring me to finish my very first work of Interactive (Non-)Fiction and to Graham Nelson, Emily Short, Philip Chimento, and others for Inform 7.

(Yes, I'm being ironic. I don't actually take this that seriously.)