I've been GMing my first ever role playing campaign for about 4 or 5 sessions so far. I think I'm continuously improving my sense of pacing and challenge. Of course, I say that after giving the players a problem that took them about an hour of thinking to come up with a plan to solve, but hey! That just goes to show how stupid they are how much I need to improve. Also, that hour was watered down by watching lots of cricket.

Here's a synopsis of the plot so far.

1. Players got hired by a Captain of the Guard from one of the lower districts of the city (Cassane) to deal with some thugs trying to put together a gang in High Walls, a place that's mostly full of foreign refugees.

2. They killed off most of the gang (in so-called "self defense") and turned in the leader of the gang, Robert Bammel, to the coppers.

3. Players meet Abil the Mad, a weird mage who sends them after a drug dealer in a nasty part of town. They do so, with gusto. They return a sample of the popular drug to Abil, who makes a delicious anti-addiction curry with it (and a bit of Crazy Magicks).

4. The next day, they are suddenly apprehended by noble guards and taken to a garrison, to await trial at some unknown point in the future. The news headline that day: DUBIOUS ADVENTURERS: RACISTS OR SAVIOURS?

5. Cassane shows up, tells them why they've been locked up: A political issue (hence the extreme dubiousness of the guards). The councilman from the area of town that High Wall ordered them imprisoned due to alleged Hate Crimes against Cyran refugees. It turns out that all this scum the intrepid adventurers have been dealing with happen to be Cyrans, an oppressed and poor people forced out of their home due to massive upheaval in the Last War. ALSO, that same councilman (Rafale Brini) is likely the head of the drug network which just lost an important member to a band of adventurers the other day.

6. Cassane gives them a choice: He'll sneak them out of jail (this isn't even his garrison) IF they promise to take care of Rafale. He makes Rafale out to be someone that no one in the city will miss, even the other councilmembers. Or, they can rot in jail until someone gives them a trial. However, if they don't kill the Rafale, then not only will he continue to go after them, but so will Cassane and all of his guards.

7. After much, much deliberation, the characters (with a lot of help from one of the player characters' "disguise" capability, thanks to his being a Changeling) form a plan to take out Rafale. After finding evidence that Rafale occassionally travels to an upscale brothel once or twice a month, they decide to ambush him on the way there. They do so, in a dramatic fight aboard soarsleds, which are basically bad-ass Hobgoblin-style hoverboards.

8. After killing Rafale, they flee the city for a couple of days. When aforementioned player-character Changeling enters the city again, he finds Cassane and asks him what the deal is. Cassane is shocked to see him, and suggests staying out of the city for a while. ohhhhhh craaaap! The players extort money out of him, as Cassane is obviously doing some extremely illegal stuff (e.g., coercing adventurers to perform political assassinations). However, the player characters are now wanted in the city, so they flee on a galleon to nearby Xendrik, a continent of adventurers, and, of course, fugitives.

9. The players prepare to fight monsters, now free of the rigors of political scandal... or are they?