Up until a bit over three weeks ago, I was living in Hobart for a year and a half (or so). Since then, I haven't been living anywhere. I've hung out in Sydney, slept a week in Boston, and worked furiously for two weeks in Vancouver since then. Tomorrow, I'm headed to Pittsburgh to spend some time with my parents (while working). Then at some point I'll be going back to Boston, and at that point I madly hope that I will finally be able to settle down.


Sydney was cool. I basically stopped over there for a day to hang out with Andrew Bennetts and Mary Gardiner, while on my way to Boston from Hobart. Andrew and his sister were celebrating their birthdays, so it was pretty good timing. Before the food and drink began, though, the three of us travelled around Sydney to do a bit of tourism. I finally got to see the opera house up close and crossed the harbour on the ferry. It was a beautiful day, if bloody hot (I think it reached over 40 degrees). After that, we met up with all of Andrew's friends and ate lots of delicious pizza and drank lots of fantastic Belgian beer. We ended up, yet again, at the Badde Manors cafe, where they have the most delicious mud pie ever. My extremely stuffed stomach wasn't up for it, though, so I instead opted for their delicious sorbet.


I slept a lot in Boston, but also helped glyph move house for two days ("only a few pieces of furniture" my foot), tried to help but mostly hindered Jean-Paul in the development of Radical (a platform for tile-based graphical web games), and experienced what it's like to *really need* to wear gloves and a warm winter hat for the first time in two years. I also watched a cool Japanese movie with Ying.


Canonical decided to fly me to Vancouver to have a sprint with my new project team members. If I told you about the Canonical project I've been doing, I think my contract says that I have to kill you, so I'll leave that out. I will say that I'm very happy with my job so far, and that Vancouver is a way cool city.

In The Groove

While revelling last week in Vancouver, I played In The Groove for the first time ever at a sleezy arcade. In fact, it was the first time I'd played any dance game. Man, is that hell of fun. I did some research and found that there are a few machines near where I'll be in Pittsburgh, so I think I'll have to go push some quarters. I plan on getting the playstation version of the game as soon as I get back to my playstation, which I think is currently in Boston. By the way, ITG is done by Roxor games, whose president I can proudly say is on my AIM buddy list. Unfortunately, I haven't yet convinced him to give me a free arcade machine.

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