At about 8pm US-EST on August 1st, I got word that I can submit my Australia work visa application. I was putting off announcing my move until I could actually do this. But the damned visa-application web site seems to be screwed up and won't accept my nomination-ID, AND their technical support email address is un-frikkin-deliverable. Ah well, hopefully My People over there in aussieland will be able to figure something out.

So! I'm moving to sunny Hobart, Tasmania, to work for Nunatak. A friend of mine works there,Tim Stebbing. Another friend, Jonathan Lange (who was kind enough to offer me a temporary bed), lives nearby, so I will not be lacking in minions chums to carouse with.

Everyone's asking what I'll be doing, and this is what I say: Python/Twisted/Atop/Zope/Plone/content/document/revision management (with some PHP and MySQL, but hopefully not for long).

I also finished The Rise of Endymion, the last in a four-part series, and have been yacking about it a lot. I really hate the way Endymion and Rise of Endymion went. Note, however, that this doesn't mean that I didn't enjoy reading it; a book that I dislike is better than a book that bores me.

I absolutely _loved_ the first two books in that series. Then there was a large gap in time and a big attitude shift with the latter two books. The first two had bewildering twists in a huge conspiracy with a smattering of metaphysics; the second two had thrown out the twists and become entirely about metaphysics. Instead of introducing more elements through layers of conspiracy, there is just a girl who is too much of a cry-baby to explain what the hell is going on.

Oh. And the role of the shrike really sucks in this half of the story. The semi-explanation near the end leaves much to be desired.