There's a meme about books that's going around:

What you do is grab the nearest book, turn to page 56, and post the fifth sentence to your blog.

First, the proof:

This picture was taken after rotating about 120 degrees in my chair. The Kindle in the picture probably is a few inches closer than the rest of the books, but first, it's unclear that it's a book, and second, its ebooks don't have page numbers.

So I chose the book on top of the stack (not the Nintendo DS game case that's at the very top: that's The World Ends With You). The line reads as follows:

Events that do not command our attention hardly exist for us, even if they influence how we perceive, feel, or react.

It's from Artful Sentences: Syntax as Style by Virginia Tufte. This book is made up mostly of quotes, so the line is actually a quote from another work, by Gerard Roth: The Quest to Find Consciousness.

(I've added the interactive-fiction tag to this post even though it has nothing to do with IF, so that my readers who only follow that tag will see it).