Holy sh*t! QUAKE LIVE is launched!

Alright, so what's the explanation for my long absence from the blog this time? QUAKE LIVE just went out of beta yesterday. We've released subscription services which give you access to new maps, a new game type (freeze tag), and the ability to start your own matches with your friends. It's at quakelive.com.

Since I joined the project I've been working on scalability improvements, but also new features like the invitation system and subscription management. I've even dipped into our PHP code recently. It's been really fun to work on and learn about a system that needs a lot of scalability in managing a combination of extremely dynamic and static, long-term statistical data. Python and Twisted are continuing to be a great fit for our work in the infrastructure.

Having scalability problems is a great thing, of course, so go try out the game and make me work more :-)