Attack of the Bacon Robots!

I recently indulged myself by buying a copy of the hardback limited edition of Penny Arcade's Attack of the Bacon Robots. See the bottom of This pont for extremely terse details.


The book is cool. It was $30, and it has a hard cover, so I could at least use it as a plate or something if the nuclear bombs hit. The exciting thing about this story is not the content of the book, but the *particular* book. The *instance* of the book. This book, my friends, is the one thousand three hundred and thirty-seventh copy printed. Out of Fifteen Hundred. Do I need to put that into decimal digits for you?

Book 1337

It is copy 1337.

My immediately surge of excitement was quickly quelled by those around me. "Hah!", said an officemate. "Surely it is a joke. It is impossible that you should be so lucky as to geet the 1337 book. It must be a ruse by the Penny-Arcade authors to trick you. There must be multiple books that say they are the 1337th."